Skin Types

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Normal skin:


  • small pores
  • firm elasticity
  • smooth,even texture
  • normal sebacious activity
  • normal circulation
  • lack of blemishes
  • no comedones

Treatment Objective: Maintain balance and health of skin

  • protect emphasize important of sun protection
  • prevent premature aging

Home Care Recommendation:

  • Cleanse skin regularly cream/gel cleanse can be used
  • exfoliate skin once or twice a week
  • toner or re-freshener
  • use a oil water based cream
  • makes once a week or once a month

Dry Skin/Alip Skin lacks sebacious activity (oil production), prone to dehydration, flaky, fine smooth texture, small pores and prone to premature breakdown of elastin and collagen fiber.

Treatment Objective: Nourish and Moisturize

  • supplement hydro lipid film
  • improve circulation
  • imporove metabolism

Home Care Recomendation:

  • cleansing oil/cream
  • exfoliate or enzyme once a week
  • toner or refreshener after cleanser
  • use a oil based cream
  • mask 1 to 2 times a week

Sensitive Skin capillaries are close to the surface of the skin, Epidermis is thin and visible erythema (skin )

Reacts to: 

  • improper skin products
  • medication
  • environmental conditions
  • physical stimulation
  • hydro lipid film is generally insufficient
  • prone to dehydration
  • prone to erratic breakout and hyper sebaceous activity

Treatment Objective:

  • calm and soothe
  • re-balance lip film (if needed)

normalize oil production (if needed)

Home care recommendation:

  • focus cleansing skin at night
  • exfoliate every other week
  • use a freshener toner
  • dry sentive water/oil, oily sensitive oil/water day cream
  • mask once a week

Oily/Seborrheic Skin: Balance Oil

  • Excessive sebum
  • foilicles are larger due to oil production
  • blemishes and comedones are common
  • uneven appearance

Treatment Objective:

  • cleanse skin w/o stripping, gel cleanser w/0 synthetic surfactants
  • deep cleanse with proper exfoliant
  • extractions
  • balance PH
  • Improve texture

Home Care Recommendation:

  • cleanse skin pm and am
  • exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week
  • use a gel based cream
  • night cream can regulate skin and prevent breakouts
  • mask once a week, spot treat as needed. Mud mask

Combination skin:

  • dialeted pores in the t-zone area
  • smaller, possibily less visible pores on cheeks
  • susceptible to periotic or erratic breakouts
  • switches from dry/allip to oily suborreheic traits 

Treatment objective: balance skin

  • deep cleanse pores
  • exfoliate with granular or enzyme

Home Care Recommendation:

  • cleanse skin am and pm gel cleanser
  • exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week
  • mask once a week and spot treat as needed