Breakouts in the Same Spot?

Does it seem like you always get a blemish in the same spot? There is a reason for this…

The pore may be damaged so it keeps getting re-infected. This is especially common for those who pick. (hint, hint) Picking blemishes loosens the lining of the cell and that causes the clogged oil to go deeper into the skin and that creates an inflammatory reaction.

If you use a drying spot treatment (over-the-counter spot treatments) this will only dry out the surface infection of the skin. The bacteria is still lurking underneath and will eventually come to the surface again.

Glycolic Acid is a great prevention. For a blemish you have now and to properly get rid of it and kill the bacteria.

There are glycolic peels designed to treat acne, it has a small molecule, penetrating deeper into the follecular pores or you can used a glycolic based product

Salicylic acid main purpose is to get rid of dead skin cells which will help unclog pores as well as dry out blemishes

If your curious into trying something different tea tree oil is a great spot treatment. It is antibacterial and you’ll see a difference the next day, but using it too much can cause dryness.Image result for tea tree oil


An over the counter LED mask Neutrogena LED Mask can also be helpful as it kills acne bacteria, but it can be expensive an only last a month.

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